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Find a range of services in your local area

  • • The Lifeline Service Finder is a directory of free or low cost health and community services available in Australia.
  • • You can search for relevant services in your local area.
  • • You can access the directory without charge 24 hours a day. It includes services such as domestic violence, family and children's services, financial assistance and mental health services.
  • Quick Search
  • • A Quick Search finds services by searching for particular words. The search will find all services that have a description containing ALL the words entered in the 'Search For' slot.
  • Keyword Search
  • • A Keyword search finds services by searching for the identifying characteristics of those services. The search will find all services whose description contains ALL the keywords selected by you.
  • Focus Search
  • • A Focus search finds services of a particular kind - those with a specific focus. The search begins by establishing a broad category of service and then narrows the search to sub-categories of your choice.
  • Provider Search
  • • A Provider search finds agencies or organisations whose names you know. You can enter several terms to conduct a more focused search. The search will find all the services whose names contain the words you have entered.
  • • Lifeline greatly appreciates and acknowledges the support of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing in the development, maintenance and enhancement of the Lifeline Service Finder.
  • • Lifeline acknowledges the role of Infoxchange Australia in maintaining, updating and expanding our data to ensure the quality of what is provided to our callers.
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